Short biography in relation to this exhibition.

I grew up by the sea in the countryside not far from Kristiansand, south in Norway. Little boats have been a part of my life. I used to row to my friends who lived 20 minutes away. As a child I had a happy childhood and I liked to draw and paint, but I decided to become a teacher and studied Christianity, Norwegian Language and Geography at the university. When I started to work I also started to take classes in drawing, and then my development and education as an artist became a parallel activity to work.

I like to be in front of the object. I feel relaxed when I study the forms, textures and colours in nature and the ready work become like what I see or it can be more expressionistic or abstract. I also like to use colours just as colours and see what happens if I pour them out on the sheet or canvas and I end up by arranging them after what I think is decorative or harmonic. When I read it is often about art and techniques. I like to be informed, and maybe there can be some philosophical thoughts behind my projects. Now the painting of boats is important to me and give me much pleasure when I go out to find the boats.  I feel I can continue with it for a long time.